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system8 is joint from systematic and automated, to reflect how we approach work. Further, we are mates with systems of various kinds.

Dr. Thomas Fankhauser

What is system8 doing?

We combine recent research findings with engineering services in the fields of computer science. Due to our close relation to several universities, we are able to offer state of the art methodologies and technologies.

We specialize in designing, building, operating and optimizing distributed computer systems and visualize data, processes, protocols and algorithms for analysis and education.

We are looking forward to work with you,

Dr. Thomas Fankhauser, CEO

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Recent Activities

02/2020 Work with on a performance marketing automation engine that supports multiple platforms such as Facebook and Google and uses a visual programming approach. is a techstars portfolio company.

01/2019 Work on a mobility and trip prediction platform based on machine learning in the context of electric cars

04/2018 Work with User Managed Access (UMA 2.0) standard, threat modelling, design of API and Policy Engine

02/2017 Work on the ISO 20078 Extended Vehicle standard with microservice architecture evaluation


We can help you to:

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Find the right architecture and technology stack

Depending on the team size and targeted flexibility, anything in the spectrum of microservices to a monolithic web architecture can be the perfect fit for your needs.

We help you design, select and build system architectures with optimal technology stacks and domain models.

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Collect customer feedback with prototypes

Implement prototypes and collect rapid feedback from customers to evaluate concepts and ideas.

We implement and protoype mobile web applications with the latest front- and backend technologies.

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Improve your throughput with distribution

Apply the latest cloud technology to distribute, scale and improve your processing performance.

We help you identify bottlenecks and design, implement and deploy distributed solutions.

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Secure your data with modern standards

Use modern standards and security frameworks to encrypt, lock, authenticate and authorize access.

We help you select the optimal standards and frameworks for identity and access management.

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Visualize data and processes

Outline patterns in data and processes, visualize algorithms and protocols to analyze the full potential of optimisations.

We visualize your data and processes and help you to optimize them with modern algorithms.


Coming soon: The first Web Scaling Framework Implementation

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Build scalable, high-performance, portable and interoperable web services

Improve your web architecture with latest research findings. The concept of Web Scaling Frameworks was developed by Dr. Thomas Fankhauser during his PhD research project.

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Use resource dependency processing for maximum performance

By managing a graph of resource dependencies and applying modern graph algorithms, web application performance can be increased significantly.


For further information on the full research project read more at:


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We would love to work with you:

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