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Processing huge amounts of data efficiently is complex

Through social traffic, smart health and the Internet of Things humans create increasingly more data. To process this data, complex cloud computing systems need to be designed, set up and operated in an optimised and scalable fashion.

We can support you in every phase of this process by analysing and evaluating existing systems, prototyping novel ideas and designing scalable, high performance systems often operated within cloud infrastructure.

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System Analysis & Evaluation

Analysis and monitoring is the first essential step to apply optimisations

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Often, existing systems are the result of an organically growing product. With each introduction of a new product feature, the requirements for data processing are increased. This eventually leads to overloaded systems that compromise the overall system stability and user experience.

We can support you by analysing the current system capacity, setting up distributed monitoring solutions to continuously watch the system status and introducing proper capacity planning to enable the scalability of a system.

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Prototyping & Feasability Studies

Prototypes evaluate technology stacks and novel ideas most efficiently

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Due to limited time and resources, companies often fail to evaluate novel technology stacks for their existing products. Further, novel product ideas are typically subject to technological feasability that is expensive to evaluate during the operation of an existing product. This eventually leads to aged systems with non-optimal resource usage and unmanageable legacy code.

We can support you by prototyping and evaluating existing products on the latest technology stacks and studying and evaluating the technological feasability of novel product ideas.

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Distributed System Design & Operation

Horizontal scaling is the only option to operate large scale systems

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Companies can only benefit from the increasing amount of data produced, if they are able to process the data in a timely fashion. Large amounts of data can only be processed efficiently by creating distributed systems that are able to parallelise computation.

However, in contrast to integrated systems, the design and operation of distributed systems is much more complex due to dependencies and distributed failures of system components. This leads to an increased system complexity that can become confusing, unmanageable and slow, quickly.

We can support you by designing scalable, distributed systems that deliver high performance and high reliability, analysing and optimising system throughput and setting up effective system operations.

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We would love to coach, consult or join your team on-site and off-site

Get in touch with us. We are open to multiple forms of collaboration and sure we can find a flexible way to support your workflow.

Dr. Thomas Fankhauser, Founder of system8

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